Here’s the archive for the Christmas Pantos that we put on each year. From this page you can find the videos for the Pantos themselves, as well as the scripts so that you can see what it was supposed to be like as well as what it was actually like!

Christmas 2019- Old Reliable

Every Explorer Unit is named after a famous explorer in history, and Gordo ESU is named after Gordo; the first monkey in space. But how well do you know the story of our very own Space Explorer? Old Reliable tells the story you think you know, and the story they don’t want you to know.

Christmas 2018- Fairy Fails

Ever wonder what ever happened next in the lives of your favourite pantomime stars? Fairy Fails takes a look into what happened to different Fairy Tale heroes further down the line. Join Dick, Puss, Jack, and Cinderella as they discover what it takes to get back on top.

Christmas 2017- Hanno Pantwo: The Rodfather

Due to the fall out of their Christmas escapades last year, Hanno and the gang find the zoo under threat of closure. Do they have what it takes to come together and save the zoo?

Christmas 2016- Hanno Panto

Feeling disillusioned by life in a zoo, Hanno the lion breaks out to experience Christmas as a free lion. Can Jackov, Helga and Morris get him back in time before he is caught by zoo security guard Rod, and his new trainee; Gareth?
(filmed in two parts)

Part 1
Part 2